Monday, April 27, 2009

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Alexander McCall Smith's best-selling novel series, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, has finally been produced as a television program. This series is currently running on HBO. The series chronicles the life of Precious Ramotswe (played by Jill Scott), the owner of a detective agency in Botswana, as she attempts to solve cases, all the while never forgetting the impact of the crimes upon the victims.
Throughout the series, she holds high regard for the Queen, Nelson Mandela, and Sir Seretse Khama, and promotes red bush tea as a therapeutic drink for her clients. Red Bush Tea is rooibos, an herb that grows only in South Africa, and boasts anitoxidant power three to nine times that of green tea. It has no caffeine, it's easy on the digestive system, it helps boost your immune system ... and it's down right tasty! Makes a fabulous iced beverage! And we have over 50 flavors from which to choose!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Open house at the Shirt Factory!

Those of us here with businesses in The Shirt Factory are hosting our spring Open House on Saturday, May 2 from 10am-5pm. This is one of the best opportunities to see what lies behind many of the often closed doors of the studios in the shirt factory, as well as see live art demonstrations (among my favorite is Rhea Loves Fire ... a spunky woman who makes gorgeous glass beads ... of course, with fire!), stop by the acucpuncture studio for demonstrations and free massage (at least that's what they did for our last open house ...), stop by a few art receptions, and meet some fabulous artists! Beyond the regular businesses in the shirt factory, we also invite a select group of our favorite artists and craftspeople from our community to join us. Certainly this is a fabulous place to be to pick out a special Mother's Day gift without the hassle and hype of the malls (Mother's Day is May 10!). I'm hearing that Thaddeus Powers of The Potting Shed has a whole new stock of incredible tea pots and tea mugs he hopes to have finished by then!
And of course, we'd love to see you at the tea shop as well!
Hope you'll join us!