Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SensibiliTeas -- a whole lotta shakin' going on!

Big changes at SensibiliTeas!

First, we're moving, but we aren't going far.

In the near future, perhaps by late autumn or early winter, SensibiliTeas will be moving into the space previously occupied by The Acupuncture Studio, near the Lawrence Street entrance of the Shirt Factory. The shop will still be easily accessed through the loading dock/gallery entrance, or just a longer walk from the Cooper Street entrances. It will take a while to renovate the space, so I can't say when this will happen ... only that it will happen. In the meantime, we will continue to operate out of the space we've been in for 6+ years, in the first floor south building hallway, between JAG Gallery and Moss and Friends. Maybe I"ll be brave and post pictures of the new space as it evolves (as if I have time, right?)

I'm excited to announce that just down the hall from the new SensibiliTeas space, Dickinson's Delights will be moving into one of the suites to set up a retail space for their amazing baked goods and other treats. Jon and Tamberlyn Dickinson have been in business for 7+ years (I think) and can be found at many of the area farmer's markets. Jon is the guy making the crêpes!

We are so happy to have them on board!

And finally ... all the new employees ...  Luke and Linnell may peek their heads in from time to time (always a blessing!), but they have college ambitions to follow, Luke at SUNY Oneonta and Linnell at Temple University, and the commute was a bit much. Kris started a few months ago and is doing quite well. Chris started a week ago and is showing great promise and Kayla starts tomorrow. While you have always enjoyed an experienced staff, I beg your patience with the new staff while we get them the experience. They have a whole lot to learn ... this isn't a standard retail job!

This seems a good time to thank all of you for your loyalty and continuing support through what has been an incredibly difficult economy. Many of you have noticed the pricing changes, and sadly I've lost a few customers because of it, but I assure you the costs are directly relevant to the difference in costs between the day I opened the door in 2006 and now. It's been meaningful to develop so many lovely friendships over these years, and I have been blessed to be a surviving business. It doesn't happen without you, so for what it's worth.