Monday, March 01, 2010

The South High Marathon Dance

Well, long time, no blog ... I know! Life has been beyond hectic! My deepest apologies!

Well, instead of touting the benefits of tea this time, I'd like to turn your attentions to a phenomenon we have here in our area. It's the 33rd annual South High Marathon Dance. While I know that conjures images of couples hanging on each other to be the last one standing, this event, scheduled for Friday March 5 and concluding Saturday March 6 is far different.

This marathon dance is an annual fundraising event held by the student of South High in South Glens Falls NY. They raise money through various means to serve the needs of the community that are not properly served by larger organizations. They've been doing this since 1976. Since that time, the kids have raised over 2.14 million dollars that has been funneled right back into the community in which they live. For a list of this year's recipients, please see The kids decided where the money goes, and with the assistance of a devoted alumni group, a dedicated teaching staff and community supporters the kids beat their previous year's total almost every year! Last year they raised over $260,000 with the support of people like you.

SensibiliTeas is a strong supporter of this effort. Our ``tip jar'' is actually part of our donation to South High. We match that penny for penny ... that means a $1 donated equals $2 donated to local causes. Additionally, we've always donated the proceeds of Tom's Compassion and White Pear to the Marathon, as they are the favorites teas of Tom Myott, South High art teacher and alumni and Bill McCarthy, one of the founding members of Marathon, respectively. This year, in addition, I'll be donating proceeds from the favorite tea of South High Alumni Thaddeus Powers -- Earl Grey Creme. And all week this week all proceeds from the sale of any to-go beverage in the shop will be donated AND MATCHED!

I urge you to do what you can to support this effort. Online donations are possible ... click here Every little bit helps! Or just stop by SensibiliTeas and enjoy a cup of tea! Hydrate and help! For those of you who are local, you are also welcome to stop by South High this weekend and participate in their silent and live auctions, and haircuts by Kip Dare of Kipper's Clippers in South Glens Falls. And if you can stay for the closing ceremonies, I think you'll find it to be a moving experience you will not soon forget! Hope to see you there!

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