Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The forecast is .... ICED TEA WEATHER!

What healthy beverage quenches your thirst better than an iced cold glass of iced tea? Did you know that freshly brewed iced tea contains more that 10 times the antioxidants than store-bought ready to drink iced teas? And it only takes about 3 minutes to make any kind of iced tea your want!

If your SensibiliTeas tea
calls for 1tsp per cup, you need 2TBSP per quart.If your SensibiliTeas tea calls for 2tsp per cup, you need 4TBSP per quart.If your SensibiliTeas tea calls for 1/2 tsp per cup, you need 1TBSP per quart.
Steep the appropriate amount of tea in a container large enough to allow the tea to float freely (that's where flavor comes from!)
Want it sweetened? Adding sugar now allows the sugar to dissolve more completely, possibly requiring less sugar than that added afterward. You also have the option to brew stevia leaves with your tea for added sweetness.
Steep in whatever amount of water allows the tea to float freely. Steep for the time recommended on the SensibiliTeas package.
Now you've made a concentrate. Pour that over ice cubes and top off with cold water. You have the best freshly brewed iced tea in town! Got questions? Give us a call at 518-824-1290 or 888-449-9888.

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