Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New teas!

Who thought we could ever carry more teas?
Well, one of our suppliers was purchased by a bigger, evil national chain and not allowed to shared their secrets. Because of this sale, we lost some of our favorite teas.

We lost:
Almond Cookie
Bogey & Bacall
East Friesian Blend
Peach Green Rooibos
Berry Green Rooibos
Rhythm and Blues
Allergy Soother
Apricot Allure
Ceylon Lumbini
Ceylon Vithanakande
Chocolate Cream
Ginger Apricot Peach
Imperial Yunnan Green Silver Tips
Lemon Chiffon Rooibos
Lemony Snickets
Memory Aid
and Tiramisu Mate


Some, I have been able to find from other sources. (Phew!)
For others .... I'm the friendly type and decided it's time for some new friends (and will continue to seek to replace the lost teas).

So, this week I will share with you information about our new teas. One at a time, of course ...

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