Monday, April 16, 2012

Good morning folks! Some major changes going on at SensibiliTeas these days ...

Over the next month or so, I will be working on modifying the SensibiliTeas pricing structure. This will include a tiny price increase. I figure it's time, in that I haven't increased prices since opening on 04/25/2006 (that's right! SensibiliTeas birthday is just around the corner!) during a time when the world has seen skyrocketing shipping charges, global climatic changes and meterological problems and significant global unrest ... all things that contribute to higher tea prices.

Anyway ... I'm doing it in such a way that though some will pay a little more, some people may even benefit! Instead of offering firm price breaks at 4oz, 8oz and 1lb, there will be a 10% discount for purchases of 4-7 oz of tea, 8-15 oz of tea will see a 15% discount, and those purchasing 16oz or more will see a 25% discount.

Here's a price comparison:
Lime Ginger Green Rooibos
1 oz. = $3.00 (.30 per cup)
4 oz. = 10.00 (.20-.25 per cup)
8 oz = 19.00 (.19-.24 per cup)
16oz = 32.00 (.16-.17 per cup)

Coming :
1oz = $3.00 (about .30 per cup)
4oz = 12.00-1.20 = 10.80 (.22-.27 per cup)
8oz = 24.00-4.80 = 20.40 (.20-.26 per cup)
16oz =48.00-12.00=36.00 (.18 per cup)

As well, we are discontinuing the sample size. The price of the packaging has become far too expensive, so minimum prices begin at 1oz. Hope you understand.

While researching more affordable packaging, we have found the need to change our packaging. Most tea purchases will now be packaged in rice paper bags. All of them will be light green, so it will be difficult for you to come into the shop and tell us you need a gold bag of tea when we no longer have them. If you are unsure how much tea you usually, please bring your old bag with you, and we'll help you figure it out. I expect the packaging changes to happen sometime in the coming week.

Even though prices are going up a little, many people will benefit!
The price breaks will no longer be limited to the purchase of a single kind of tea, but will apply to your entire purchase. So where
currently you'd buy
Apricot Allure 1oz = $3.00
Lemon Tulsi 1oz. = $3.00
Assam 1947 1oz. = $3.00
Mayan Chai 1oz. = $3.00

And your bill would be $12.00.
With the pricing structure change you'd get at 10% discount and pay $10.80!

Changing prices on 600+ different teas is a time consuming task -- even more so when considering how carefully it must be done to make sure the bookkeeping system, the website and the new brochure we're working on all say the same, so I'm begging for your patience as we move through this crazy project.

All in all, we promise to keep our prices lower and practices more fair than our mall-residing competitors. ;0)

Thanks for your continued loyaltea!


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