Friday, May 18, 2012

Golden Jasmine Butterfly ... yummm...

Mmmmm... mmmmm ... what's in your cup tonight...

Tonight I'm enjoying Golden Jasmine Butterfly. This rare reserve tea is absolutely our finest jasmine tea. It begins with an exceptional hand-picked organic white tea from the Fujian region of China, and is then layered with fresh jasmine petals night after night until the scent and flavor are indescribably deep and sweet. The tea is then beautifully hand-bound into the shape of tiny, delicate. Sheer luxury in a cup.

Yes, it's expensive ... but let's put it into perspective. No one thinks twice about paying $10.50 for a great bottle of wine, so why would anyone balk at $10.50 for an ounce of organic handpicked, hand-processed, hand-tied tea from the other side of the world?

Even better ... a quarter-pounder, large fries and coke ...  gotta be at least $6 ... and gone in a matter of minutes.... but $10.50 is to expensive for about 30 cups of the best stuff on earth?

This is great with my Chinese food (broccoli, snow peas, green beans with rice) and my new happy music ... I feel a bubble bath coming on ...

You know what ... I should make some in the shop for you to try ... maybe I'll do that tomorrow. That makes for a happy day for me at the shop tomorrow!  Awesome music, luxurious tea and anticipated visits from at least three beautful friends.  Nice way to start a weekend!

So what's in your cup?

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