Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Tuesdays are for white tea descriptions...


An exquisite white tea creation from Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling, India—the world’s first certified biodynamic tea estate. With one sip, you’ll understand why Silver Tips often commands the highest top price at tea industry auctions every year. Suggestions of apricots, sultanas, wooded glens, and flowers give way to a mouthwatering close. Biodynamic, organic, fair trade and single estate. $9.00 an ounce/10 servings per ounce/.90 a serving.

Hey Donnalynn, why so expensive? I mean ... I can get my Makaibari Green tea from the same estate for just $3.00 an ounce...

Supply and demand, really ... Most of the tea grown on the Makaibari estate is allocated to black tea production --- delightful Darjeeling selections. The next highest allocation is to the Makaibari Green tea you love. Very little of the tea is allocated to the production of this white tea, known as Silver Tips Imperial. The less there is, the higher price it demands. Actually, if you do a websearch for this tea, you'll likely find I've offered it here at the very best price. You'll likely also find not there are not many sources for it.

$9.00 an ounce ... I think you're worth it... don't you?

Biodynamic ... what's that?  Well, here I'm going to share a wiki link that explains it pretty well ... my apologies for taking the cheap way out... a little short on time today...


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