Friday, February 13, 2009

Let’s talk about love

Well, we've successfully survived another Friday the 13th, and gently progressed into the loving holiday of Valentine's Day. 20% discount now through 02/21/09 to blog readers when blog021409 is placed in the special comments field of the online order form, or if a blog reader reminds me of the sale Have a fabulous Valentine's Day! Fill the world with love no matter where you are!

Kashmiri Rose The marriage of spice and floral, creates an unusually bold, strong and spicy black tea with a sweet and subtle rose aftertaste. Romantic and sensual
Amore Blend of organic flower-scented white teas, wild roses, organic peppermint, and seasonally selected botanicals. Great for an after meal pick up or late night elixir used to refresh the mind and enhance the mood. One pot can make the night sweet and reminiscent. Share it with someone you love.
Essence de l'Amour This beautiful full-leaf white tea has been enhanced with the addition of large red rose petals. This heady combination produces a tea with a delicate body and refreshing floral taste. The perfect way to say "I Love You!"
Forget-Me-Not Rooibos A blend of blackberry, jasmine and rose rooibos with blackberry leaves and jasmine flowers.
Valentine Black tea united in love with the taste of chocolate-dipped strawberries.
Antony & Cleopatra Black Hearts The tradition of pressing black teas into various forms and shapes dates back to the early Song Dynasty, 960 – 1279 BC. Sculptors and artisans would work with tea the way others worked with clay or textiles to form and mold delicate works of art. Unlike traditional art pieces however, these tea creations were never meant to be permanent, instead serving to represent the impermanence of life, love and happiness here on earth. In the modern era, the traditions continue and the stories and fables of life and love still serve as the inspiration for the creation of unique tea pieces. A bold taste with deep red wine notes. Reminiscent of seasonal Keemun.
Romeo & Juliet Tea Hearts The ancient tea makers of Yunnan, who developed the method of pressing tea into miraculous shapes back in medieval China, knew that when things were done well, amazing results could be achieved. To start, they knew that you couldn’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Which is to say that the world’s greatest tea techniques were useless if they didn’t start with the best ingredients. Subsequently, to create their works of art, only the finest teas from gardens high in the clear air of the Yunnan mountains were used. When processed into their tiny forms, whether a bird’s nest, crown, flower or in this case a heart, the teas they created took on a life of their own, transcending the time and place of their creation. Nowadays, a visit to Yunnan will show that the same level of care goes into the production of the province’s famous pressed teas. The finest leaf available makes its way to the factory where it is steamed and pressed into forms before drying. Like the famous love story, this tea has the power to take you away to another time and place.
Thankfully unlike the tragic story, this is a happy place where the tea is fresh with a cup that’s light on the nose, grassy and full-bodied hinting at honey with subtle astringent notes. Shakespeare would have loved this one.
Lover's Triple Blossom Tea legend has it that the creator of Lovers Triple Blossom found a parallel between the idea that the flowers picked by the maiden could provide a glimmer of warmth in her heart and the fact that his teas could do the same thing. Inspired, he picked the finest blooms of jasmine, amaranth and lavender, and tied them in with a delicate full leaf green tea. The tea he created was bright, with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. The cup displayed a fresh grassiness punctuated with floral blooms and undertones of honey. He knew in an instant he had achieved the pinnacle of his life’s work.
Longing Heart Although it is not certain when it was first produced, legend has it that Longing Heart was created by an old Anhui teamaster in an effort to soothe the yearning of his heart when making the long trek to the markets of Beijing. He took the fresh young shoots of the finest bushes of his native Huang Shan district and painstakingly tied them with chrysanthemum petals into an ancient symbol for the human heart, a pearl within a shell. Now, when sitting around a fire on the market trail he could brew a pot of tea, watch the leaves unfold, and in his heart feel that he had never left his beloved home. Over the years the master enjoyed the tea in solitude. One day at the Beijing market however, a local buyer noticed the special tea in a pouch on his table and asked if he could purchase some. The rest as they say is history. This is a very light green green with a detectable kiss of peach dancing throughout.
Bliss Silver-tipped green tea leaves hand-selected and meticulously tied into a sphere. Each sphere has been scented with fresh jasmine flowers up to nine times to deliver fresh floral notes. When brewed this tea opens like a flower and reveals a small pink blossom as it infuses in your cup or pot. Organic.


  1. To be broke is to have no money;
    to be poor is to have no tea.

  2. To do is to be
    To be is to do
    do be do be do.


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