Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skip the Latte!

In the past few weeks, I guess as bathing suit season approaches more aggressively, the shop has been inundated with requests to help folks lose weight. Sure, there are tea's that can help boost your metabolism, help increase your energy level, curb your craving for sweets ... but do you know how many folks are telling me they stop by Starbucks for their morning latte? Maybe it's not just what you start drinking ... but also what you stop drinking!

Did you know that

...most of Starbucks' lattes pack more sugar than a two-scoop ice cream sundae? The Starbucks nutrition website boasts that one Grande Latte provides half of your recommended calcium intake for an entire day. What it doesn’t say is that some of those calcium-packed beverages also provides almost your entire day’s worth of sugars. Check it out: a no-whip Grande Gingersnap Latte packs 34 grams of the sweet stuff, a no-whip Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte offers 37 grams. And the healthy-sounding Grande Black Tea Latte includes 31 grams. Add whipped cream, add sugar. And cutting back from 2 percent milk to skim doesn’t help, either—in fact, the fat-free versions are even sweeter.

If the RDA for sugar intake is 40g, how nice is the menu for the rest of your day really going to be? Let me suggest that you replace the daily latte with a cup of something TASTY AND GOOD FOR YOU that you can create in your own home? Save yourself the fat, the sugars, the calories, the gasoline and the money!

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