Monday, May 04, 2009

World Asthma Day -- May 4

World Asthma Day reminds us of the plight that millions of sufferers of this lung disease face on an ongoing basis. An attack can be caused by allergy, infection or even stress, and can cause shortness of breath and struggling for air. If you want to keep the onset of an attack at bay by using holistic means, then visit a green grocer and grab some carrots and fresh ginger root. Grate and strain the ginger until you get about a tablespoon of juice. Add this to approximately six ounces of fresh carrot juice and drink each morning or anytime you feel congested. Helping to ease or prevent the next attack is the goal of this drink.

It's also been reported by customers of SensibiliTeas who are asthma sufferers, that the addition of African Outback (lemon myrtle and rooibos) in their daily routine (2-3 cups daily) has significantly reduced asthma symptoms in child and adult alike.

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