Monday, December 28, 2009

So ... are you still drinking dust?

If you're still drinking bag tea, you're likely still drinking dust. It's not your fault! It's usually all that's available in a grocery store. The boxes don't say Dust ... you wouldn't buy it if it did! They say ``fine quality Orange Pekoe'' or ``mountain estate grown'' or ``premium pekoe and cut black teas.'' Take one of the tea bags and cut it open ... what do you see?
If it looks like dust, it is likely dust.

Don't know anything about loose leaf tea? That's okay. No one is born with the knowledge to make loose leaf tea. We know plenty about loose leaf tea and we're willing to teach you what you need to know.

Want to try loose leaf tea? Bring one or two of your tea bags to us here in the tea shop. We'll do a free taste test. We'll make a cup of yours and we'll make a cup of ours. In five minutes or less, you'll know the difference between bag tea and loose leaf tea and will see how easy loose leaf tea can be to prepare. If you bring a second tea bag, we'll cup it open and we'll show you the difference between your tea and our tea. Our hours are Tues-Fri 2pm-5pm and Sat 10am-5pm. We are NOT a tea room, but rather a retail tea shop selling loose leaf tea and tea making accessories, but we do make the best tea-to-go in town!

Not here in town? Mail me a tea bag of your tea so we know what your drinking, and we'll mail you a tea bag or two of our tea (loose leaf tea in a bag made for loose leaf tea.) similar to what you've been drinking. You'll need no special equipment or knowledge. Just add water and enjoy.
Our address is:
71 Lawrence Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Attn: Donnalynn

Not a tea drinker yet? If all we'd ever had to drink was tea bag tea, we wouldn't be tea drinkers either! If all you've ever had was a tea bag, you may have no idea what tea is supposed to taste like! Men didn't sail around the world and risk their lives in war and journey for the taste of a tea bag!

Or perhaps you're trying to get away from coffee a bit, or add tea as part of your healthy new resolution lifestyle. Our huge variety of tea convinces us that we'll certainly fit you to a tea! Visit the tea shop or email us at the teashop at ( We'll make some suggestions and send a cup or two of tea your way!

Restaurateurs? Want to understand how to increase tea sales? Bring or send us some of the tea you offer and we'll show you what you could be offering. If you're interested, we can even match teas to your meals or desserts. We can make it easy on your staff, and impressive to your clients.

Perhaps it's time to turn over a new leaf!

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