Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday's White Tea -- Baihao Yinzhen

Baihao Yinzhen

白毫银针 Baihao Yinzhen is a white tea produced in Fujian Province in China. Amongst white teas this is one of the most expensive varieties and the most prized, as only top buds (leaf shoots) are used to produce the tea. Genuine Baihao Yinzhen is made from cultivars of the Da Bai (Large White) tea tree family. It is important to point out that there are other productions that look similar with downy leaf shoots but most are green teas, and as green teas, they taste differently and have a different biochemical potency than the genuine white tea Baihao Yinzhen.

Baihao Yinzhen is also considered to be one of the 10 famous teas of China.

This tea consists of uniform buds that have yet to open into leaves. The dry leaves have a silky texture from the fine white hairs (bai hao) that cover each shoot. The flavor is unmistakable and long lasting -- somewhat buttery or nutty. The aftertaste is astringent and satisfying. This is among the rarest and most spectacular of the white teas. Early in the spring, the individual leaf buds are picked and carefully handcrafted into this noteworthy tea. Infuse in a glass to enjoy the dance of the green leaf bud spears. Packed with antioxidants and low in caffeine - a very healthy tea. This of the highest grade and was grown near Fuding, in northern Fujian.

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