Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you hate green tea?

Many people refuse to embrace the health benefits of green tea because they claim to hate green tea. What a shame!
While green tea is not my favorite cup of tea (I'm a real black tea/oolong/rooibos fan), I have found several green teas I can truly enjoy. The trick to finding a green tea you can enjoy is defining what you hate about it. Not all green teas are created equally.Talk to me about it and I'll walk your through the vast selection of green teas we carry.

  • Have you had green tea from a tea bag? Loose leaf tea is far superior!
  • Have you only had bottled green tea? Well, that's a lot more about water, high fructose corn syrup and citric acid than it is tea. Read the ingredient label.
  • Did you hate that it was bitter? This might not have been the tea at all. It may have been the preparation. Most people don't know that the water temperature should be lower (185ยบ) than boiling. Also, the steeping time must be carefully watched. Most green teas will not tolerate steeping beyond three minutes without releasing bitter-tasting tannins.
  • Did you hate that is was too light? Though green teas aren't known for their boldness, but there are some in stock at SensibiliTeas that are a little bolder, a little more full-flavored.
  • Did you hate that it was grassy? Not all green teas are grassy.
  • Maybe you are a flavors person? You can get all the benefits of green tea from a flavored green tea as well. Are you fruity? Minty? Spicy? We have all those options available.



Come tell us why you hate green tea, and we'll see what we can do about finding one you'd like. All we are saying, is give greens a chance!


  1. I love green tea and my favorite is Sencha (flavored with walnut is wonderful!)

    But I think you need to stress the temperature and the steeping time for green tea very much, otherwise it is horrible.

  2. Thanks for looking at my blog!
    All the packages of tea that leave my shop have instructions for proper water temperature, amount of tea to be used and our recommended steeping range. I also try to verbally counsel each ``sensitive tea'' customer as to the importance of proper water temperature and steeping time. Thanks for your comments!
    Namaste --

  3. I tried green tea as a healthier option to regular tea. What i didn't like about it is that I didn't get the pick-me-up/relaxing feeling from green tea that I get from regular black tea. I found it too light. I however enjoy chamomile infusions as it seems to have a soothing effect.

    It would great if I can find a green tea that I like as I have about 5-6 cups of tea a day and having that much of black tea (with a little sugar) is not that great for health.


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