Monday, January 05, 2009

Green tea and weight loss

Green tea can be a great part of a healthy weight management diet. It is calorie-free, fat-free and carbohydrate-free with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Like oolong, pu-erh and yerba mate, it boosts your metabolism. Green tea is the perfect complement to meals of fresh fruits and vegetables, which should be a large part of any weight loss regime.

Green tea more popularly used for weight loss, because green tea is what has been marketed as the right tea for weight loss. More of the tea harvest is allocated for green tea production. Green tea is less expensive than oolong and therefore more profitable for a big company to use green tea for the ready-to-drink market. Once it hits the ready-to-drink market, it’s the cure-all. Personally, I think the effects of green tea weight loss combined with its superb health benefits (that will be discussed at another time) make it a good adjunct to any weight loss program. However, I have personally seen better results with oolong and Pu Erh. Drinking five cups of green tea a day will burn between 70-80 calories daily.

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