Friday, January 16, 2009

Andrew Wyeth

Today marks the passing of a great artist, Andrew Wyeth, who passed away early this morning at his home outside Philadelphia. He was 90 years old. His most memorable piece is likely his 1948 painting``Christina’s World” (above), in which he depicts a real woman, Christina Olson, who had a never-diagnosed muscular deterioration disorder, and was known to drag herself across the grass to pick wildflowers. He had seen her through his studio window at a house at Hathorn Point on the Maine coast, in Cushing. The painting was done when Christina was 55-years old. The skeletal arms of Christina are her own, but Christina’s body was actually painted based on the body of Wyeth’s 35-year-old daughter Betsy.
Christina Olson died January 27, 1968. Until two months before her death, she’s lived her whole life in that house on the hill.

How does Andrew Wyeth relate to tea?

In 1968, Wyeth did a painting of ``Christina’s Teapot’’, perhaps in her memory.,-Andrew-Newell/Christina%27s-Teapot/3/1/

In 1989 he also created a painting entitled ``Two for Tea’’

It's not known if he was a tea drinker. I'm just personally glad such an outstanding talent had the opportunity to live such a long and rich life.

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