Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amber Dragon

Wednesdays are for Oolongs...

Amber Dragon

Origin: China

Description: Amber Dragon is a darker oxidized oolong that’s character is similar to Darjeeling black tea with silvery-white tips and tender leaves that extol notes of ripened fruit and honey with an amber and coppery colored infusion. Black tea drinkers enjoy this oolong. Amber Dragon has a pleasant character that complements any meal. 185° 1-2 level teaspoon tea per 8 ounces water; steep for 3-4 minutes. Multiple infusions encouraged. Organic.

One of my personal favorites ...

Oolongs may help with fat metabolism, blood circulation, blood sugar regulation, may heighten alertness when studying and Japanese studies indicate oolong teas may be helpful fighting free radicals, therefore preventing cancer. Those who drink oolong tea on a regular basis also have far fewer skin problems.

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