Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's White tea -- Kenyan Nandi Safari White

Kenya Nandi Safari White

Origin: Kenya

Description: A rare white tea from Kenya at a very attractive price! This particular leaf has a pale green hue, with many whole tips...not as downy as some Chinese offerings, but the quality and care of handling is apparent. It's a very large leaf. It takes us an 8oz bag at a minimum to bag a 2 oz purchase! It's liquor is smooth, straw colored and finished a bite like a Sencha. A bit bolder than other whte teas, this tea offers a nice change from traditional white teas.

While it is not uncommon for one to think of China as the premier supplier to the world for premium white tea, Kenya has, in fact, been producing some amazing teas since the early 1900's! The Nandi region is one of the oldest and best tea-producing regions in the country,with it's lush highland volcanic soil, plentiful rains and warm sun. This environment allows teas to flush year-round, but the best teas are harvested in January and February and then again in July. High quality and increasing quantity of tea production in Kenya has propelled it to a major player in the tea business, ranking it third after China and India. Quite a feat since the majority of land is too dry to support cash crops.

The 26th US President, Theodore Roosevelt, hunted big game in the Nandi Hills in 1909. At that time, bagging big game was still an allowable practice; thankfully now people visit to photograph the plentiful wildlife instead. These hills, which produce Kenya Nandi Safari White also the home of the Tinderet estate. Locally the region is hailed as "the land of milk and honey."

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