Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wednesday's we'll describe our oolongs -- Jade oolong

Let me try to describe a tea a day ... this will take me more than a year! We will make Wednesdays oolong days ... so let's start with one of my favorites! Jade Oolong!

A simply lovely organic Jade Oolong from Taiwan almost green in appearance with large, hand-rolled leaves. Once infused these leaves unfurl to release the magically delicate notes, exquisite flavor and enchanting fragrance. Sheer luxury in a cup. Sure to be a favorite. Multiple infusions strongly encouraged. (I can get up to 8 or more back-to-back cups of delicious tea from a single tea ... which makes it less expensive than the rest! ) A great tea to meals wth grilled seafood, smoked ham or curry dishes. An excellent accompaniment to fruit compote, crêpes, or desserts with black currants or dark chocolate.

Oolongs may help with fat metabolism, blood circulation, blood sugar regulation, may heighten alertness when studying and Japanese studies indicate oolong teas may be helpful fighting free radicals, therefore preventing cancer. Those who drink oolong tea on a regular basis also have far fewer skin problems.

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