Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sundays are for black teas -- Afternoon With Aunt Faye

An Assam blend as bold and lively as its namesake. Afternoon with Aunt Faye is named as a tribute to a wonderful woman who encouraged a 14-year old's love for tea while letting her know that secrets would always be safe with Aunt Faye. Perfect with a slice of lemon pound cake or raspberry jam on toast. 212° 1 level teaspoon tea per 8 ounces water; steep for 3-5 minutes. Organic.

Did you ever have that special grownup in your live who just glowed because you entered the room?
Someone who made you feel like you meant something in this world?
Someone who could make you feel better just with a hug?
Someone who made you believe in yourself ... and pushed you to be even more?
I had Aunt Faye, and she'll be with me forever. (and I miss her)

What are the benefits of black tea? Those drinking 3 or more cups of black tea daily are found to have a reduced risk of stroke or cardiovascular problems, a lower prevalence of diabetes, reduced cancer risk, fewer or less severe viral troubles, and recover from stress more quickly than their non-tea-drinking friends.

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